Substance Use Disorder Education/Prevention

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  • Alcohol Drug Council of North Carolina ADCNC
    Phone: 800-688-4232
    Address: 1121 Situs Court Raleigh, NC 27606 view map

    Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina provides Free and Confidential Substance Abuse Information, Referral, Education and Prevention Services to any person and/or family member in need....
  • Alcohol/Drug Council of NC
    Phone: Sorry, no phone number information available for this agency.
    Address: Sorry, no address information available for this agency.

    The Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina (ADCNC) is an organization specializing primarily in providing information and referral to alcohol and drug treatment around the state. Our team of navigators remind consumers that “health insurance gives you access to treatment, access to treatment gi...
  • CARE (Chemical Abuse Research Enterprises), Inc Clinic Group
    Phone: (919) 493-0463
    Address: 5504 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Durham, NC 27703 view map

    CARE (Chemical Abuse Research Enterprises), Inc. Clinic Group provides substance abuse treatment and prevention to offenders with DWI's....
    Phone: (919) 836-9021
    Address: 1011 Schaub Drive Raleigh, NC 27606 view map

    At CosTran, we specialize in working with you on behavior that has caused you problems. We can assist you in preparing for court or fulfilling a court order when it pertains to getting an assessment for any alcohol or drug related offense, or a domestic related offense. Also, we provide alcohol and ...
  • Dharmacounselingservice
    Phone: 919 655-9077
    Address: Suite 230 C Durham, nc 27707 view map

    DWI assessment and counseling, Short term and long term treatment, Mental health assessment, EAP and Drug screening services...
  • Drug Abuse/DWI Richard Kuehn and Associates
    Phone: 919-477-8291
    Address: 3215 Guess Road #103 Durham, NC 27705 view map

    Richard Kuehn and Associates provides Impaired Driving-related outpatient substance abuse assessment, education, treatment, and out-of-state-review services....
  • Drug Treatment Court
    Phone: 919-564-7205
    Address: 201 East Main Street Durham, NC 27701 view map

    Enhances and monitors the delivery of treatment services to chemically dependent adult offenders while holding those offenders rigorously accountable for complying with their court-ordered treatment plans. Those sentenced to Drug Treatment Court are required, as a condition of probation, to comply w...
  • Duke Addictions Program
    Phone: (919) 684-3850
    Address: 2213 Elba Street Durham, NC 27710 view map

    Duke Addictions Program is an intensive Outpatient Program for Adults Intensive Outpatient Program for Adolescents Family Care Program Outpatient Program for adults with combined substance abuse, mental health, and HIV+/AIDS diagnoses Outpatient Program for Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Dependency ...
  • Duke Addictions Program - Family Care Program
    Phone: (919) 681-5531
    Address: 2222 Erwin Road Durham, NC 27705 view map

    Family Care Program provides an outpatient substance abuse program for women who have children or have lost custody of their children. Provides group as well as individual counseling to female adults....
  • Duke Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Program
    Phone: 919-668-4497
    Address: 402 Trent Drive Durham, NC 27705 view map

    Duke Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Program provides mental health, substance abuse and child developmental services to children and families....
  • Duke Alcoholism and Addiction Program
    Phone: (919) 684-3850
    Address: 2212 Elbe Street Durham, NC 27702 view map

    Duke Alcoholism and Addiction Program provides assessment and follow-up treatment for substance abuse on an outpatient basis....
  • Duke Family Care Program
    Phone: (919) 681-5513
    Address: 2222 Erwin Rd Durham, NC 27705 view map

    Duke Family Care Program is a substance abuse treatment program for women who are pregnant, who have custody of children, or who are trying to regain custody of children. We are a gender-responsive program and address parenting and dual-diagnosis, mental health issues when co-occurring with substanc...
  • Durham County - Healthy Carolinians
    Phone: (919) 470-8563
    Address: 308 Crutchfield St Durham, NC 27704 view map

    Durham County - Healthy Carolinians Purpose works to improve the health status of the citizens of Durham through agency collaboration. It's goals are to increase the span of healthy life, reduce health disparity and emphasize prevention. Special subcommittees include: Maternal and Infant Health, Sub...
  • Durham County Department of Public Health: NC Quitline
    Phone: (919) 560-7600
    Address: 414 E Main St Durham, NC 27701 view map

    Durham County Department of Public Health: NC Quitline is a free, confidential resource for tobacco users who are ready to quit; callers are paired with a professionally trained quit coach, who helps prepare a plan and provides support to help stick to the plan; available 7 days a week/8am-midnight ...
  • Freedom House - Durham Men's Halfway House
    Phone: (919) 425-5472
    Address: 529 Holloway Street Durham, NC 27701 view map

    The Durham Men's Halfway House is a six-bed halfway house that provides up to six months of recovery services for alcohol/drug addicted men and those who are dually diagnosed. This is our newest Freedom House program. We serve a diverse population of men in our houses. We also make treatment availab...
  • Genesis DWI Services, LLC
    Phone: 919-321-6643
    Address: 118 E. Main Street Durham, NC 27701 view map

    Genesis DWI Services is licensed by the State of NC to help individuals charged with a drug or alcohol offense by providing individual or group therapy as well as court mandated DWI Substance Abuse Assessments. We also offer Drug Education and Anger Management Classes. Genesis can provide the servic...
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
    Phone: (919) 787-6599
    Address: 5104 Western Boulevard Raleigh, NC 27606 view map

    Provides free services to victims of drunk driving, drugged driving, and underage drinking. Services are available to victims and their families via certified Victim Advocates. Staff/volunteers also provide free awareness programs to increase awareness of the dangers of impaired driving and underage...
  • Mrs. Jennie's Place Community Enrichment Center
    Phone: (919) 765-9168
    Address: 804 Cox Avenue Durham, NC 27701 view map

    Mrs. Jennie's Place Community Enrichment Center targets substance, abuse, homelessness, and education. It is designed to teach reformation as well as prevention. It provides a regimen of activities and classes integrated into a plan of positive action tailored to the needs of each individual in the ...
  • Project BUILD
    Phone: (919) 560-7752
    Address: 414 E. Main Street Durham, NC 27701 view map

    Project BUILD provides gang involved youth and former gang members with wrap-around services that include comprehensive case management, skills building, behavioral coaching, educational advocacy, and employment assistance. Participants are paired with a paraprofessional staff member who meets with ...
  • Safe & Drug Free Schools
    Phone: 919-560-2112
    Address: PO Box 30002 Durham, NC 27702 view map

    Safe & Drug Free Schools offers referrals for Durham public school children to learn more about substance abuse....
  • STARR Program (Substance Treatment And Recidivism Reduction)
    Phone: (919) 560-0972
    Address: 219 South Mangum Street Durham, NC 27701 view map

    The Substance Treatment And Recidivism Reduction (STARR) program is an intensive four week in-jail chemical dependency treatment program. STARR is administered by Criminal Justice Resource Center in conjunction with the Durham County Office of the Sheriff. Treatment consists of addiction education, ...
  • StoriesWork
    Phone: (919) 321-8969
    Address: PO Box 51693 Durham, NC 27717 view map

    StoriesWork, an innovative non-profit organization, pioneered interactive storytelling, a unique method of using folk stories from around the world to advance empowerment and problem solving in such areas as domestic violence, aging, parenting, family issues, and substance abuse, among others. We of...
  • Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD) - Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office
    Phone: (919) 733-9296
    Address: 217 W Jones Street Raleigh, NC 27603 view map

    Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD) - Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office attempts to keep students from drinking alcohol and driving through public awareness campaigns and peer pressure. Offers several outreach programs. Local chapter concerned with students helping students avoid driving while...
  • Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA)
    Phone: (919) 419-1059
    Address: 1820 James Street Durham, NC 27707 view map

    TROSA is a 2 year residential program that enables substance users to be productive, recovering individuals. Each day, TROSA gives more than 500 male and female substance abusers the tools and support they need by providing counseling/mentoring, work-based vocational training, education, and continu...
  • Urban Ministries of Durham - Hope/Believe Recovery Program
    Phone: (919) 682-0538
    Address: 410 Liberty St Durham, NC 27701 view map

    An intensive three to six-month live-in drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for adult homeless men and women. Participants also receive case management, support, and connections to housing and employment services. The goals are to provide recovery in a structured and supportive environment and u...

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